Submitted Sitemap!

Posted by vonne | 7:49 PM

I've just submitted sitemap on Google!It doesn't give me so much time to create my own sitemap using sitemap generators!lolx

claim token: QBSSNE44JEM8

Follow the steps in creating your first Blog.

  1. Before starting everything in blogging,obviously, you need to have an email account in any of these,Google,Yahoo,Hotmail, etc. for some verification process. Me, I created an account in Google, click here to have your own account. Please make sure that you fill up the registration form accurately.
  2. After successfully making a Google account, proceed to and sign in your Google Account.
  3. The next thing you will do is to sign up an account in Blogger.(Step 1)
  4. Then you need to have your blog title, think of a title that would attract readers in the first glance!(Step 2)
  5. Make sure that the blog address that you will choose will correspond to your blog title. Example your blog title is Making Money Through Blogging, then the best blog address would be
  6. And last but not the least, choose your Blogger Template that will suite your personality, or search for templates in the internet that you like.
  7. Then that's it!You are now ready to post anything you want into your blog!Congratulations!
On my next posts, I will teach you how to change your template into a new one.

    Blogging for me, is a hobby of sharing knowledge, events, and experiences online. Blogosphere is the collective community of all blogs. Mind me, this is my first blog ever, but then taking a risk is a must for me to know if blogging is my field. Continuing, a Blog is a website where entries are arrange in a reverse-chronological order. The interesting about blogging is that while you are having fun sharing things online, there are ways on how you can make money online through blogging!The following are just some ways on how to do that.

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